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At Genesis Financial, our advisors coordinate and collaborate with all the necessary professionals in your life to provide an integrated approach to meet your goals. The 360 Plan changes the landscape of the traditional client – advisor relationship by offering a more transparent and personalized approach. Our plan surrounds you with a broad range of experienced professionals that will communicate all necessary information to ensure your personal financial plan is well managed and fits your unique needs. The 360 Plan gives you financial freedom and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

We know you work hard to earn money
That’s why we work harder to protect it

Our accounting and tax consultants look for opportunities, assess your overall financial situation, and provide proactive strategic planning to attain financial freedom through:

  • Preparing federal, state, and local income tax returns and statements
  • Developing financial statements tailored to meet your unique estate planning and insurance needs
  • Cash flow and budget analysis
  • Bill paying and other bookkeeping services
  • Services provided in the United States and overseas

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Achieve More

Whether you’re looking to buy a franchise, start a non-profit, or take your business to the next level, our team of professionals provide in-depth knowledge, support, and resources to guide you along a strategic path of business ownership and growth.

Genesis Financial provides consultation in:

  • Business start-up and capitalization
  • Business process and analysis
  • Inventory and operations analysis
  • Exit strategy
  • Quality control and compliance
  • Investor identification and relations
  • Community development

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Allow us to give you peace of mind
Get more enjoyment out of life

Our financial planning services consist of:

  • Personal and business financial planning
  • Estate, insurance, and tax planning
  • Independently audited statements and portfolios
  • Living Wills, Power of Attorney, and other related services

Genesis Financial is proud to partner with Money Concepts International to provide holistic financial planning and wealth management solutions. Why partner with Money Concepts? Since 1979, Money Concepts has delivered non-proprietary investment products, structured and unbiased advice, and integrated strategies to millions of people without losing sight of the individual’s financial and personal needs. Both Genesis Financial and Money Concepts stand on the same operating principals:

  • Provide a consultative approach by first understanding the client’s needs
  • Develop a personalized comprehensive plan
  • Provide on-going mentoring and counseling for each client
  • Tailor investments towards the client’s goals
  • Stay informed on the most up-to-date products and operations

All securities through Money Concepts Corp. Member FINRA /SIPIC. Genesis Financial is an independent firm not associated with Money Concepts.

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Expand Your Possibilities

Let Genesis Financial Be Your Legal Consultant

Whether you’re looking to expand your business or purchase a new home, Genesis Financial will provide you with top-tier legal consultation to guide you through all your needs. Our network of experienced legal affiliates located throughout the U.S. will provide valuable and professional insight. Our consultants not only attend to your needs, but are also very affordable, allowing you the peace of mind to know you are covered both legally and financially.

Genesis Financial provides legal consultation for your personal and business needs.


Real Estate

Estate Planning

Trust Fund Planning


Creating a Business Structure

Contract Evaluation

Trademark Concerns

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